Things To Know For A Brick Painting Project From Flower Mound Painting Pro

Homeowners often update the appearance of their homes with a coat of fresh paint. However if you are considering painting the ‘bricks’ on your home then there are a few things you must consider before you break out the spray guns and throw a party!

Painting rough faced brick, block, or stone is unlike painting anything more you will ever have to color. The major difference is volume of work needed and the quantity of material. These sorts of surfaces will use 2x as much material as any other. Being that these surfaces are so porous, they act like a sponge.

The work comes in with the amount of effort required to work the material into these surfaces. It is slow, hot work. The materials used as far as paint aren’t any different from any other paint except there are a few special products that do about the same job as regular paint. They may be a little heavier for better hiding. Like wood and metal, there are fillers that may be used on the rough surfaces. They’re latex or oil-based. They’re worked into the surface with either a stiff brush designed for this work or a heavy roller.

Yes, you may employ a giant amount of filler and only get about 200 square feet per gallon. However , the advantage to using filler is it smooths the surface which means you’ll use less primer and less paint. Often you may see somebody making an attempt to use drywall compound in place of block filler. This is not a good practice. Employing a product for anything that it was not reserved for can cost more than using the right product.

The one thing you can count on is that they will fail. Leaving you nothing except a similar issue you started with plus an enormous mess to clean up. If you feel confident in your capability in employing a spray to apply the filler or paint, that’s’s great too. Just be sure to cover any surrounding surfaces not being painted and remember even if you use a sprayer the material will still have to be gone over with a roller to be sure the material is well worked into the surface.

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