Brick Painting

Exterior Brick Painting in Flower Mound

Thinking about painting your brick?

At Nathan’s Painters we offer a variety of different exterior brick painting products to give you the outcome you desire. We have your traditional exterior paints, as well as mineral products that don’t seal your brick allowing it ‘to breathe’. Both are great ways to change the look and curb appeal of your home.

Our exterior brick painting process is as follows:

Step 1.  Thoroughly power wash the brick and treat any mold or stained areas.

Step 2.  Apply LOXON primer, or LOXON self sealing/self cleaning 1st coat, or mineral paint via sprayer. We back roll this coat to push the primer into the pours of the brick and mortar.

Step 3.  Spray top coat of Sherwin Williams paint, LOXON self sealing/self cleaning, or mineral paint. Brush or back roll mortar as needed.

Step 4.  Lead painter inspects the job and touches up areas in need

Step 5. Thorough clean up.  We take all of our trash with us and never want to leave a mess behind.

Step 6.  Walk the job with your lead painter to insure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Our crews our like family, and we’ve been working together for years.  We know what it takes to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.  Try us out on your exterior brick painting project int the Flower Mound area and you will not be disappointed!