Interior Painting

Interior Painting Flower Mound, TX

My plan is to live and work in the Flower Mound area until I retire.  I’ve got about 30 years to go!  When we come into your home to do an interior painting project, I expect myself and my guys to treat your home like it was ours.  We will begin by moving the furniture away from the walls and covering it with plastic and/or drop cloths so no spatter from the roller will get onto your belongings.  The floors will be covered with drop cloths also.  Nail holes that are not in use will be filled.  Gaps between trim boards and the walls and ceilings will be filled with caulk.  Stains will be primed with a blocker.  My standard estimate includes 2 coats of a quality Sherwin Williams latex paint for the walls, and A200 or Pro Classic Oil for the trim.  For rental properties and quick paint jobs to help you sell faster we can often drop to 1 coat if the current wall color permits.  This will help us get in and out faster and save you money on your Flower Mound interior painting project.

Here is a before, during, and after shot of a large project we did in the fall of 2012.  One of our specialties is spraying oil based paint over paneling and cabinetry.  While the process is a little bit complicated and somewhat time consuming, the results are AMAZING!  This was a 2 story room with an upstairs walkway and a coffered ceiling.  In just 4 days we where able to on DAY 1  Mask off the room from the rest of the house and sand the glossy clear coat.  DAY 2  Spray a thick coat of Oil base primer and begin caulking seams and joints.  DAY 3 Finish caulking all seams, gaps, and fill all nail holes and spray a thick and flawless finish coat.  DAY 4 Paint 2 coats on all the ceiling squares, remove scaffolding, clean up, and replace furniture.

Professional Interior House Painters in the Flower Mound area

I try to be on every job, but whether I am there or not, you can rest assured that only a professional painter will be working on your home.  I don’t sub out my work to some unknown contractor.  Most of my painters speak English, and the lead painter is fluent  in order to communicate with not just the customer, but to me too!  To work as a painter with Nathan’s Painting you must have a minimum of 5 years experience in residential repainting and have the ability to neatly and efficiently use a paint sprayer and texture machine

Here are before and after pictures of a 3 day kitchen remodel we did in an older area of Flower Mound.  The after:  Popcorn scrape with subtle hand trowel texture applied.  Box lights replaced with cans.  Pendant lighting updated. Backsplash updated to travertine brick shape.  Granite and undermount 60/40 sink installed by a granite contractor.  Walls painted with Sherwin Willliams Divine White and ceiling a flat white.  Check out more of our interior work by visiting our photo gallery.