Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting from Flower Mound To Frisco

Are you tired of your worn or outdated cabinets?

Our specialty is spraying a fine painted finish over stained cabinetry and we have perfected the process!

We also offer a 4 day process using a high quality water-base cabinet paint. 

For more of a factory finish, we also offer a 5 day process where doors are removed from the home and painted with a KCMA approved (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) 2 part industrial cabinet coating.  

Our cabinet painting process is very thorough:

  1. Clean cabinets with a degreaser and remove existing felt/gel pads
  2. Mask off all areas of kitchen and cabinets not being painted
  3. Lightly sand all glossy surfaces where necessary
  4. Spray a generous coat of oil base primer
  5. Provide instruction and assistance to properly ventilate home
  1. Sand primer
  2. Fill wood grain pits
  3. Drill new holes for knobs and pulls if desired
  4. Caulk all joints and seams and spackle nail holes and dents
  5. Spray double coat coverage of a high quality Sherwin Williams Oil Based Paint in your desired sheen
  1. Clean up!
  2. Install knobs and pulls and new felt pads
  3. Paint walls, ceiling, and/or trim if desired
  4. (optional) Antique, glaze, or distress cabinetry
  5. (optional) 2 coats of Polyurethane brushed over glaze

For your cabinet painting project please have us over for your FREE estimate.  Call or text 214-607-8676, email, or visit our Facebook Page to explore our work further and message us from there.   Serving  Flower Mound, Highland Village, Coppell, and Frisco.