Choosing Paint Colors For Your Kids Rooms

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Kids Rooms


When decorating your child's bedroom, your main goal is to create a space that is magical and fun. Choosing the perfect paint color is one of the most important things you can do for setting the mood of your child's room. Here are some tips and paint color ideas for transforming your child's bedroom into a wonderful place to play and relax. 

Include Your Child In The Paint Color Decision 

Include your child in the selecting of the paint color for their bedroom. Doing this will make your child feel important and valued. Bring home paint swatches that your kids can look through to pick their favorite color choices. If your child chooses a color that is too bright, encourage your child to pick a paint color in a lighter shade of the same hue. The most important rule for making your decision is to select a paint color your child can grow into. 

Color Choices 

Bold colors like hot pink and fluorescent orange are likely colors your child would choose for their bedroom. These color choices are too shocking for a kid's bedroom. Your child will quickly grow out of or get sick of a wild color choice. Subtle choices like pale yellow, light green or soft pink are all wonderful wall color choices for your kid's bedroom that they can grow into.

Sample Color Choices

Narrow your bedroom paint choices to a couple of colors both you and your child love. Get small cans of paint in these colors. Paint small patches of these colors on your child's bedroom wall. Allow the patches to dry completely. This step is important because a paint color can look quite different once on the wall and dried. Once the paint patches have dried, you'll be able to select the best color choice with your child. Doing this step can save you a lot of time and money. 


If your child thinks their room is a little understated, you can make it a more magical, bold and colorful room by accessorizing it with bright drapes, whimsical pictures, furry pillows and accent furniture pieces. By choosing a paint color that your kids can grow into, you'll only need to update the accessories in their bedroom as they get older.

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